If you are looking to add a new character to your Tekken game, then you should look at Kazuya. This character is inspired by the game series and has a great move set. His moveset includes a side taunt, Axe kick, and Electric Wind God Fist. The best part is that you can use these moves in a variety of stages.

Character characteristics

Kazuya Mishima is one of the most powerful fighters in the Tekken series. His powers are inherited from his mother, Kazumi. However, it was Heihachi Mishima who made him into a ruthless killer.

As a child, he was raised in the Mishima Estate. At five, his mother was murdered by his father, Heihachi. Throughout his childhood, Kazuya was deprived of the love he felt for her. The murder was the root of his hatred for Heihachi. In order to punish his father, Kazuya assembled a team to fight him.

When Kazuya was just a child, Heihachi threw him off a cliff. This caused the death of both his parents. Using his newfound power, Kazuya then took control of G Corporation, and began rivaling Mishima Zaibatsu.

When he was old enough, Kazuya began experimenting with animal soldiers. In a bid to kill his father, he began taking advantage of his corporate backing.

He also became known for his ruthlessness and brutality. He is often cruel towards others, and he enjoys humiliating Lee.

Kazuya is capable of dealing large damages with a few powerful attacks. Using a combination of good timing, block, and dodge, he can easily defeat an opponent.

Tekken-inspired moveset

Kazuya Mishima is one of the new guests in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a game that borrows a lot from Tekken. His moveset is a blend of Tekken mechanics and Tekken moves.

Some of his main attacks are taken directly from Tekken, while others are tweaked for the Smash mechanics. His overall moveset is a good fit for the fighting game genre.

Kazuya’s Inazuma Kick is an impressive burst attack that allows him to catch jumping opponents. It can also be used to punish shields. This attack is a strong combo finisher.

One of his biggest strengths is his punish game. He has a wide variety of ground moves that are capable of breaking shields. Many of them have high shieldstun multipliers.

Kazuya’s backwards jump is a great microspacing tool. It also acts as a counter to short hops.

The Inazuma Kick is a great catching move, as it grants intangibility to both legs. Although it is not a true combo, it can be a great KO confirm.

Another powerful attack is his running left kick. Unlike Ken’s Inazuma Kick, this attack does not KO, but it is a great burst option.

Kazuya has a wide range of directional attacks, which are all taken from Tekken. His crouching left punch and taunt attacks have a good start-up, but they lack intangibility frames.

Axe kick

The Axe Kick is a powerful and effective Fighting-type move. It has the ability to inflict damage equal to half of the opponent’s maximum HP. In addition to being a powerful attack, it has the capability of bypassing your opponent’s normal defenses.

The Axe Kick can be performed in a variety of ways. However, the most common axe kick is one that uses your leg to strike your opponent. You can either throw the axe kick in a clockwise or counterclockwise arc. Regardless of which arc you choose, you must keep in mind that you must transfer your balance and you must not land on any part of your foot other than your heel.

Another way to do the axe kick is to use a roundhouse kick. This is the simplest way of setting up an axe kick.

An axe kick is one of the most devastating and underutilized attacks in the game. Unlike other kicks, it must be thrown properly to not hurt you, and it is only effective on targets that are protected.

If you want to see the axe kick in action, you should take a look at Kazuya’s move. He has nearly thirty moves from Tekken 7, and some of them are quite granular.


Kazuya is the latest fighter to join Super Smash Bros. The Japanese martial artist has a wide variety of moves that are capable of dishing out massive damage. However, the real draw of this character is his punish game.

His low jump height and sluggish startup are two factors that make him difficult to take down. He can also be killed off from one mistake. With his high damage output, though, he can often overwhelm his opponent.

The Inazuma Kick is a unique kick that can catch jump opponents and send them to the ground. It has a low kick start, but the effect is surprisingly powerful.

While the Tsunami Kick requires a bit of effort to perform, the result is worth it. This move isn’t terribly effective against strong air games, but it’s a worthwhile counter to most of the other attacks in the game.

The aforementioned electric wind god fist is another useful attack. It’s a bit of a trick to pull off consistently, though, because it lacks any intangibility frames.

Kazuya has an impressive range of move options, from his command grab to his devil mode. Although he has no specialized weapons, he does have a few combo starters.

Electric Wind God Fist

Kazuya is a heavy damage dealer and one of the most intimidating characters in Tekken tournaments. He can obliterate enemies at very low percentages with his Tombstone Crusher and Oni Front Kick. However, his kit is less than stellar when it comes to mix-ups in the air.

For starters, Kazuya relies on a laggy aerial control to land his moves. In addition, he does not have many options for mixing up his moves in the air.

While there are a few tricks up his sleeve, Kazuya’s best weapon is probably the Electric Wind God Fist. This attack can stun opponents and combo into several other moves, including the Up Smash and Forward Smash.

The trick with this move is to perform it within the first two frames of Kazuya’s Crouch Dash. If the opponent attacks before this, you can stall your jump and then release the move, allowing you to quickly land back onstage.

There are also some nifty things about the move. It does have a large hitbox, so it pushes your opponent two or three times farther away from you. Performing the move with a crouch allows you to slow down your landing, which is helpful if you are being attacked by a melee character.

Side taunt

In order to gain a massive boost to his down B special, Kazuya can perform the side taunt. Using this taunt, Kazuya can attack his opponent from above with a punch and then grab the opponent’s chest to mix him up with a shield.

This move is similar to Bowser’s Side Special. It is also a good way to mix up rivals with a shield. For instance, if your opponent is wearing a shield, you can use this to KO them. However, it is important to note that the devil blaster can be reflected, so you should try to hit your opponent while they are not on a shield.

The Down Taunt is a surprisingly effective attack. Upon contact with your opponent, it will inflate, releasing a small stream of PSI, and causing them to crash into the ground flattened. As a result, it is the strongest Taunt Attack in the game.

The Up Taunt is a less aggressive move. It summons a sprite that chants “Woo-hoo” and “Okay”, while also saying “Come on!” in English. After the sprite is summoned, the down taunt turns toward the screen, while also pointing the Silver Bow at its target.

Tekken-inspired stage

Kazuya Mishima is the latest Tekken-inspired stage that’s coming to Super Smash Bros. He joins the game tomorrow.

Kazuya is the main protagonist of the Tekken series. He appears in all of the mainline games, including Tekken 3 and Tekken 7. His moves are identical to those of his counterparts, but his inputs are different.

He has a command crouch dash, allowing him to enter an invincible state. He can also break opponents’ shields, which is one of his most powerful attacks.

Kazuya is able to combine eight-way tilts and throws, bringing him more power than most of the other characters in the game. He’s also the first character in the series to have a command grab.

The Tekken-inspired stage will be included in Fighter’s Pass Vol. 2, which is available for $5.99. In addition to the new stage, the pack includes music tracks from the fighting game. Owners of the game will be able to download the new stage when it’s available.

The Mishima Dojo stage is inspired by the Mishima Dojo stage in Tekken 7. It features destructible walls and ceilings, breakable floors, and an arena with a physical ceiling. However, it is possible to break the stage by launching a fighter with enough force.


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